I’m Heidi, the mum of two toddlers aged 19 months apart. (True story: I actually didn’t know about Harvey until I was already 5 months pregnant!).

Gemma is 3, and oversees all of my work, making sure it is up to her standards.

Harvey is 18 months. His job is to be a ratbag and make sure I make time for fun.

Clint is my husband who helps keep me from the brink of insanity. He is also helpful in helping to control the above-mentioned minions.

I’ve always been an enthusiastic learner, but having my own children has taught me about a whole new world of magic and possibilities. Every day, I am inspired by their natural curiosity and questions, their yearning for fun and laughter, and their explorations and experiments (including their sometimes “flawed concepts” of gravity!).

And so, inspired by my kids, I’ve made it my personal mission to design and create products that in turn inspire them with lots of colour, fun and imagination!

I’ve also made some things just out of my love for art.

For now, it’s buntings, but keep an eye out for upcoming clothing and toys!

Mums really are the star of the show, yet if you’re anything like me, your kids get all the attention. Well, it’s not all about them – you deserve some too!

If you’re a breastfeeding mum, you may be totally uninspired by the lack of clothing options out there. I often have to wear  two layers, which is totally not ideal for our hot Aussie summers, but I’m just not into the matronly, frumpy, and unfashionable but practical attire on offer. I’m also over wearing the same old boring things. So, I’m designing my own range of quick-boob access clothing that is inconspicuously comfortable and breathable!

I have a soft side for sustainability and ethical globalisation. Basically, cheap, crappily made stuff that is destined for the tip after short use really grinds my gears. So for every item I design, or carefully select, with the help of Aussies and talented artists and manufacturers across the globe, it will support a decent wage (not the “minimum wage” touted by other big chain retailers), and be quality made – so it lasts! My hope is that you’ll enjoy them and then perhaps pass on to others.

(If this is something that interests you – I urge you to look up “fast fashion” – it has terrible impacts on the environment. I want to inspire a resurgence of hand-me-downs through generations.)

I wish for you to receive as much joy and love from Heidi Maree Designs as I enjoyed pouring into it – let us live an inspired, colourful, and engaging life!

Much love,

Heidi xo