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Hello. I’m Heidi, a wife to my high-school sweetheart, Clint; a mum to two toddlers – Gemma, 3 and Harvey, 20 months; and a student journalist. They’re my team members without whom there wouldn’t be Heidi Maree Designs.  
My roles keep me busy, but I always make time to get creative with colours and mediums. It brings balance to my soul.
I like to ponder, drawn to the world around me. I am especially drawn to colour and the emotions aesthetics can provoke.
I will also never stop asking why (at least in my head – it’s a journalist thing) and I take great joy in nurturing Gemma and Harvey’s curiosity for life.
My inclination towards colour and learning inspire the products I make as well as my children allowing me to see the world through their eyes.
I’m certain my husband Clint thinks I am an eccentric scatterbrain, but so be it.
Mums, I have a range of breastfeeding friendly items I want to bring to fruition but for now, patience is a virtue and I must wait.
In the meantime, I LOVE creating custom pieces to someone else’s criteria. Tell me you like blue elephants and yellow spots, and I’ll make it work. So if you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out.
I hope you receive as much joy and love from Heidi Maree Designs as I enjoyed pouring into it.
Let us live an inspired, colourful and engaging life!
Much love,
Heidi x